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Chaga Root Cubes

Sold per bag, approximately 140.0g


What is Chaga?

Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus Obliquus) is a non-toxic fungus in the Hymenochaetaceae family and has numerous medicinal qualities. Chaga Mushrooms are the parasitic on birch and other trees. The sterile conk is irregularly formed and has the appearance of burnt charcoal. It is not the fruiting body of the fungus, but a mass of mycelium, mostly black due to the presence of massive amounts of melanin. Chaga is a mushroom that contains medicinal properties that can help strengthen and heal the body naturally.

The name "chaga" (pronounced "tsjaa-ga') comes from the Russian word of the mushroom (anglicized from czaga), which in turn is purportedly derived from the word for the fungus in Komi-Permyak, the language of the indigenous peoples in the Kama River Basin, west of the Ural Mountains. It is also known as the clinker polypore, cinder conk, black mass and birch canker polypore.

Clinically proven to be one of nature's oldest, safest and most powerful medicinal herbs.


Health Benefits

What are the potential benefits of Chaga Mushrooms to your body?
Here is a list of benefits that Chaga Mushroom could provide for you:

  • Delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants and SOD enzymes, essential amino acids and low molecular weight organic essential & trace minerals

  • Protects every cell in the entire body from free-radical damage

  • Promotes cellular respiration and proliferation

  • Helps regenerate cells

  • Helps regenerate damaged tissues

  • Promotes the growth of healthy cells

  • Assists in cellular repair

  • Slows down aging

  • Enhances the immune system

  • Maintains optimum alkalinity and PH levels

  • Oxygenates the blood

  • Builds strong blood

  • Protects DNA

  • Helps stabilize blood sugar

  • Improves disease resistance

  • Has anti-inflammatory benefits

  • Improves neurological function

  • Improves digestion

  • Improves the circulation of blood all over the body

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety

  • Increases energy and strength

  • Fights chronic fatigue

  • Supports normal kidney support

  • Balances hormones

  • Weight management

  • Muscle gain

  • Improves lymphocyte count

  • Suppresses allergies

  • Maintains healthy gums

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain

  • Improves memory and concentration

  • Helps optimize cardiovascular health

  • Inhibits lipid peroxidation

  • Supports vision health

  • Maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Impedes tumor malignancy

  • Boosts natural cancer-fighting ability

  • Reduces the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation

  • Helps detoxification of all cells, skin, blood, liver, intestines, colon, kidney, bladder, lymphatic system, lung & respiratory, yeast &   fungal, chemicals and heavy metals (including lead and mercury).

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult your health care professional with any health-related concerns.