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Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut) Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut)



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the NCCT is a registered non-profit and charitable organization.

Charity #107764722RR0001

Donations to support our community centres continued development are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made here online or by Debit, Visa or Mastercard in our art store during your visit, or by cheque made out to the Native Canadian Center of Toronto.


Your Donations Make the Difference 🧡

As a registered Charitable Organization, Toronto’s oldest Indigenous community organization and one of the original Friendship Centres in Canada, the NCCT provides social, recreational, cultural and spiritual services for the Indigenous community and visitors alike.

Serving Per Year: 40,000 Meals to the hungry | 500 Youth Training/Support Events | 250+ Free Public Cultural/Educational Events | Social Services to 4,331 Youth | and much more