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The Silent Canoe - book

The Silent Canoe - book


SKU TCB-2270
Take a journey through the two decades leading up to the War of 1812 .....

The early years of Upper Canada are told through the eyes of Isaac Devins, a young American who emigrated to Upper Canada in 1793, fleeing the drudgery of life in the Colonies following the American Revolution. The characters of history come alive in a tale of joy and suffering, feast and famine, life and death. Isaac is exalted as a hero when he saves the small settlement of York from starvation, then scorned as he is tried and convicted of a crime for which has has no remorse. He finds solace as he paddles on the Humber, along with his closest friend, Fire Starter, the son of a Mississauga chief. As the War of 182 approaches, Isaac does not feel compelled to help in the war effort, unlike his brothers, one of whom is killed at Queenston Heights. Will Isaac set aside his bitterness and fight when his country needs him the most?