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Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut) Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut)

Don't know what to get for Valentine's day? well look no Further!

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Don't know what to get for Valentine's day? well look no Further!

So you have decided to shop around for a Valentine's day gift or gifts? But, you are struggling to find out what to buy?

Well we have compiled a list for you!

We carry a wide arrange of amazing products but here a list that wont break the bank.


1. Sriracha Revolver hot sauce:   Valentine's Day has always been a day for romantic food, which, let's be honest, is normally boring. Rosemary infused proteins, roasted veggies, bread, and other things that may be fancy and technically taste good, but lack all semblance of fireworks—a surprising trait for a holiday all about heat. Real romance is a hot make-out sesh with a burning, capsaicin-coated mouth. Spice up your valentines with our hot sauce!        

2.  Roots and Raven Bath bombs and Steamers:    Got a handworker in your life who needs nice relaxing bath or a shower filled with lovely aromas? Well look no further! We carry these amazing steamers and bombs which will make it easy for you to get steamy too!

3. Sequoia lotions, Soaps gift set Or the Good ol' fashioned Candles:    I know what you are thinking, ever cliché to give a candle, well, you'd be wrong! These candles smell absolutely delightful and lovely, such a great gift to give on a day that celebrates love, am I right? After a shower with the soap gift set you or they can lather up with the lotion and fall in love with the scents 

4.  If none of these have tickled your fancy well come on down and check what else we got in stock! We carry mugs, clothing, moccasins, jewelry, and many more!

Just remember Valentine's is a day to show your appreciation and affection weather to yourself, a significant other, family, coworkers, or anyone in your life!

Think back to when you were in school anticipating getting a treat from your classmates, the excitement! When you were so nervous to give your gifts and treats out, and seeing the look of happiness on your friends or crushes faces. Well, it is never too late to live that again and create that excitement and anticipation! 


Happy Valentine's day!