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Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut) Hello (English) Boozhoo (Ojibwe) Tansi or Tanshi (Cree) Sékó (Mohawk) Aluu (Inuktitut)

Indigenous Beadwork is a Luxury Product

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Indigenous Beadwork is a Luxury Product

Indigenous beadwork is a luxury product. Treat and honour it as such.


Lisa Muswagon: "One of the sacrifices of beading that we don't talk much about is sitting for hours and those tight hips. Don't get us wrong, we love beading. but, damn, some people think beading is like magic, poof and its there, then they low ball offers. Beading requires supplies, labour and time by yourself. If you have family then you have to wait until everything is calm, you don't want to lose a needle with little ones running around, all sorts of things going on. Anything and everything happens when beading lol. It is important to go into a project with mental preparedness, good thoughts and therapy also goes into beading. It is a time we can sort out our thoughts. Our fingers become pin cushions regardless of the greatest gimmick out there. Beading can support you long term or temporarily, it can put groceries in your fridge, fill up your tank and pay bills.

So, appreciate a beader, while they are learning, trying or want to learn. There are so many resources online now, encourage our beaders."

So much goes on behind the scenes, beadwork is handmade with blood, sweat, tears and many many laughs. 


Honour and respect our beaders and the beadwork.

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